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Business Cleansing

Businesses don't just need a physical clean they also benefit from having an energetic cleanse.  


We clear away any stagnant or residual energies which may have come about for many reasons. For example: it is an old property, the business has changed hands, financial issues, team disruptions or just an uneasy feeling.


If you are launching a new business and would like to bring in positive energy that aligns with your vision, then this is the service for you.


A business cleansing aims to bring balance and harmony to your workplace and benefits your business, revenue, colleagues, and customers. 

Business Cleansing Prices

1-20 Team Members


50+ Team Members

20-50 Team Members




How can it help my business?

It can act as a spiritual spring clean which helps create a more harmonious work space, free of any stagnant or residual energies. 

Having a business cleanse can help create a more positive environment for all concerned making people feel more connected, supported and productive. 

Guidance may come through about direction and purpose as well as insights into what to focus on.

What's the process of cleansing?

We meditate before the visit and usually get messages through before (or on the way) to the appointment. When we arrive don't worry if we don't come in straight away as we like to survey the surroundings and pick up on the energy of the land and any neighbouring buildings.

Working with Spirit we then go around the property picking up and clearing energy. We like to use sage smudging (or lavender sprays if you or any team members are asthmatic) singing bowls, psychic purging, crystals and positive affirmations. Messages can come through from spirit teams, guides and/or loved ones whilst we are cleansing the property. 


Some clients like to take part in the clearing and come around with us, others like to observe and some prefer to leave us to it and wait until the end of the visit to discuss our findings.

How long does a standard session last?

Depending on the size of the business a standard session usually takes 1-3 hours.

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