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Turquoise Stone


"Lucy is a patient, gentle and kind reader who has surprised me on many occasions with her insightfulness. In my home, she picked up on the presence of both my old dog and my great grandfather, surprising me by saying correctly that he was always known as Bill, even though his full name was William. She told me that I would have a breakthrough with my work last February, which was spot on, as at that point I received a contract from my publisher."

This client had an impromptu mediumship reading whilst receiving a house cleansing.

"This was such an amazing experience; the amount of specific detail that has helped me is just unbelievable.  An impressive and professional demeanour with such an astounding  set up for such an experience - you haven't seen the back of me!" 

client had a spiritual reading. 

"I am pleased to endorse the work of this very talented young lady. I felt much benefit in her healing, and also felt relaxed and 'in the moment'. Her session left me feeling like I have had given to me a warm blanket on a chill night. I would highly recommend her enlightening services". 

This client had a quick healing session whilst having a house cleansing. 

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